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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

{One Room Challenge} Here We Go Again!

Thanks for the love on yesterday's style post, Work to Weekend. I hope you found some inspiration for mixing up your wardrobe a bit, especially for all those cute plaid tops!

Today kicks off week one of Calling It Home's latest round of {One Room Challenge}, and I'm thrilled to announce I'm participating again! I'm actually shocked, and quite flattered, that Linda invited me back!

For those of you not familiar, the ORC is an online event that brings together 20 bloggers with a love of design, and challenges them to transform a room from start to finish, while documenting the process along the way.

The kicker? We've only got six weeks to do it!! That's about a tenth of the time it usually takes me to make over a room! I've been a huge fan and follower of the series for years, and was finally brave enough to take the challenge this past Spring with our Master Bedroom Makeover. It was a fun, crazed, panic-stricken few weeks, but exactly the kick-in-the-pants I needed to finally complete a room in this new house.

So let's get to it...I waffled quite a bit as to which room to select this time...after all, I have a whole houseful of new spaces to design! (If you're new to Hi Sugarplum!, you can read about this year's unexpected move here.) At this point, only the Kitchen and Master Bedroom are complete, and the Breakfast Room and Little Miss's Room have been started. 

Ultimately, I decided on the room you see first upon walking in the front door, the most 'formal' of them all...the Living Room.

Hi Sugarplum | ORC Living Room before

Hi Sugarplum | ORC Living Room before
I spy Maggie!

When we bought the house, it was hosed down in this yellowy-beige color, and the downstairs was a chopped-up mix of carpet and tile. I made these crude floor plans so you can get a better feel for the room...basically a box with a large opening and two windows. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Work to Weekend | The Plaid Shirt

I guess Little Miss isn't the only one excited about how her new room is coming together! I loved your comments on her updates yesterday...and such a small world that some of you even have the same art. It's so gorgeous and majestic...even if she tires of it in a few years, I'll gladly hang it elsewhere in the house! #ulteriormotive

Today I'm taking on the plaid shirt...and styling it for both work and weekend.

Hi Sugarplum | Plaid Shirt / Work to Weekend

Most of you know by now that my clothes are required to play double, triple, and even centuple duty (I had to look that one up!). I don't like to divide my wardrobe into defined, exclusive categories, but rather, try to make most of it work for all kinds of occasions and it work, weekends, or date night. (See my blog sidebar for style inspiration in each category.)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Project Little Miss | Art & Bedding

Monday?! Dang, that came fast! We had the most glorious weather this weekend...and now I have a case of serious Fall Fever. We spent most of our time outside, but did manage to make a dent in Little Miss's room, thanks to some gorgeous new art from Minted, and fun pom-pom bedding.

Hi Sugarplum | Project Little Miss

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