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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Work to Weekend | The Plaid Shirt

I guess Little Miss isn't the only one excited about how her new room is coming together! I loved your comments on her updates yesterday...and such a small world that some of you even have the same art. It's so gorgeous and majestic...even if she tires of it in a few years, I'll gladly hang it elsewhere in the house! #ulteriormotive

Today I'm taking on the plaid shirt...and styling it for both work and weekend.

Hi Sugarplum | Plaid Shirt / Work to Weekend

Most of you know by now that my clothes are required to play double, triple, and even centuple duty (I had to look that one up!). I don't like to divide my wardrobe into defined, exclusive categories, but rather, try to make most of it work for all kinds of occasions and it work, weekends, or date night. (See my blog sidebar for style inspiration in each category.)

That said, plaid shirts...the darling of Fall clothes...tend to have a casual vibe that lean towards laid-back weekends. But with the right pattern and pairing, you can wear your favorite Fall weekend top right into the work week.

Hi Sugarplum | Plaid Shirt / Work to Weekend

The fitted pencil skirt and fun pearl cluster necklace not only dress up the shirt, but give the outfit a feminine flair. Adding the leopard bag (my new laptop case!) is a fun pattern mix with the plaid.

Hi Sugarplum | Plaid Shirt / Work to Weekend

Remember the Rule of Three? The necklace and bag are the added pieces that make this outfit so chic. And you lucky ducks are in for a treat, because I have codes for both! SUGARPLUM10 gets you 10% off the bag, and SUGARFREESHIP is guess what? Yep, free shipping on the necklace (and everything else in their shop!)!

Hi Sugarplum | Plaid Shirt / Work to Weekend

Hi Sugarplum | Plaid Shirt / Work to Weekend

Hi Sugarplum | Plaid Shirt / Work to Weekend
Ring | Agate Bracelet (SUGARFREESHIP for free shipping!) | WatchLeopard Laptop Bag

Hi Sugarplum | Plaid Shirt / Work to Weekend

Now moving to the weekend, a plaid shirt is equally cute with jeans and boots. Add a vest, necklace, and bag for extra layers of style!

Hi Sugarplum | Plaid Shirt / Work to Weekend

Hi Sugarplum | Plaid Shirt / Work to Weekend

Hi Sugarplum | Plaid Shirt / Work to Weekend

The accessories are definitely what make this outfit shine....and yes ma'am, SUGARFREESHIP gives you free shipping on both the tassel necklace and hoop earrings (you may remember the earrings from my last Look for Less post). Still aren't convinced of the necklace's power? Check out how it transformed this basic outfit.

Hi Sugarplum | Plaid Shirt / Work to Weekend

Hi Sugarplum | Plaid Shirt / Work to Weekend

Hi Sugarplum | Plaid Shirt / Work to Weekend

Hi Sugarplum | Work to Weekend Plaid Shirt
When choosing plaid shirts, I look for color combinations that mix well with my wardrobe, along with a feminine pattern and fit. We're going for Fall-chic, not Lumber-sexual. ;) (Apparently that's a real thing now.)

Do you divide your wardrobe into categories, or mix and match it all?

{More Favorite Plaid Shirts}

Monday, October 5, 2015

Project Little Miss | Art & Bedding

Monday?! Dang, that came fast! We had the most glorious weather this weekend...and now I have a case of serious Fall Fever. We spent most of our time outside, but did manage to make a dent in Little Miss's room, thanks to some gorgeous new art from Minted, and fun pom-pom bedding.

Hi Sugarplum | Project Little Miss

You may remember the DIY Large Art she had over her bed in the last house. Yeah, well, that met an untimely death during the move. So when we started putting her new room together, I asked what she wanted to hang over her bed. She didn't even hesitate before saying, "A big horse picture, please!"

I thought about creating another one ourselves, but when Minted asked us to help spread the word about their new large format framed art, I didn't even hesitate before saying, "A big horse picture, please!"

Hi Sugarplum | Project Little Miss

I searched their art selection for 'horse,' and let my daughter choose her favorite. Since it's on the room's focal wall, we chose their largest print size, but opted for a white frame so the art would really pop. For someone who loves color so much, I'm completely cuckoo over these bright white walls! They feel so fresh, and everything looks great next to them.

Hi Sugarplum | Project Little Miss

The art arrived immaculately packed, and perfectly framed...all we had to do was throw a nail in the wall, and BAM! Beautiful statement piece! Horses and art are Little Miss's passions (as evidenced by four consecutive years of art parties, and her former artist gallery wall!), so she couldn't be happier with it. You can choose if you want your art piece signed or not, and I thought it so respectful that she insisted the artist sign her work.

Hi Sugarplum | Project Little Miss
'All is Quiet' by Jenni Kupelian

Another goal on the list was to swap out the last remnant of the Parisian theme from her former room...the bedding. My intent was to make a bunch of pom-poms and attach them to an Ikea duvet (similar to this project), but this duvet was too easy good to pass up on a recent sale!

Hi Sugarplum | Project Little Miss

Hi Sugarplum | Project Little Miss
Pom-Pom Shams | Polka Dot Sheets (on sale!) | Striped Throw (HomeGoods)

It's the perfect amount of color without overwhelming the room...which is key considering what we're using for drapes! Looks like I need to touch-up the bed paint, and cover the box spring with sheet, too.

Tip: Fitted sheets are inexpensive ways to cover box springs, while adding more color or pattern to your bed!

Hi Sugarplum | Project Little Miss

Hi Sugarplum | Project Little Miss

Hi Sugarplum | Project Little Miss

Hi Sugarplum | Project Little Miss

What should we tackle next...the drapes or new nightstands? No more horsing around, we're knocking this room out! #harhar #punny

{Project List}

Bedding  //  Replace the last bit of her old Paris theme with this pom duvet
Rug  //  Balance the color of the painted ceiling with color on the floor
Drapes  //  Define & highlight the windows with lively drapes
Nightstands  //  Create more storage & balance the room with matching nightstands
Lamps  //  Another light source for nighttime stories
Closet  //  Organize & create more storage
Desk  //  Carve out a homework/creative zone
Art  //  Create a focal point with large art over the bed
Gallery Wall  //  Add life & energy with a colorful wall of art (likely her own like we did here)

{Playing Catch-Up? Start here:}

Friday, October 2, 2015

NYC Street Style + Guide

I don't know what's gotten in to ya'll this week, but I'm floating on a blogger-high from all your crazy-kind comments! Thank you, and don't ever stop! #kiddingnotkidding 

What do you have planned for the weekend? From the looks of things, some of you will be hunkering down to stay out of the rain. I'm hoping to tackle some closet organizing. And eat tacos. But I have a feeling I know which one will actually happen. 

It's hard to wrap my head around, but I've had the privilege of traveling to New York City three times this year! Once for my sister's bachelorette party, another for the Redbook photoshoot, and most recently, for the BHG Stylemaker Event

I adore visiting, and soaking up the vibrancy of the city, but I don't think I could actually live there. My younger, single self would have loved every second of NYC life...but practical, carpool-driving me can't imagine it. 

But that's part of New York's magic...for a few days, I get to pretend I'm living the 'Sex and the City' life (minus the sex part, seeing as how Mr. SP stayed home), with late-night dinners, tipsy cab-rides, and anything-goes street style. 

Hi Sugarplum | NYC Street Style

I still keep my outfits casual and comfy, but pulled together enough so I can pop in most anywhere. Jeans were my go-to on this recent trip...silly me thought, 'September in New York City...that will be crisp and Fall!' was hot! Fortunately I'd packed my usual layers and was able to stay comfortable.

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