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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

{One Room Challenge} Week One

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm participating in Calling It Home's {One Room Challenge}! For those of you not familiar, the ORC is an online event that brings together 20 bloggers with a love of design, and challenges them to transform a room from start to finish, while documenting the process along the way.

The kicker? We've only got six weeks to do it!? That's about a tenth of the time it usually takes me! I've been a huge fan and follower of the series for years, but was never brave enough to take on the challenge myself. I'm already questioning why I thought I could do it now!? #whatwasIthinking #whathaveIdone But my name is on logo, so there's no backing out now!

So let's get to it...I waffled quite a bit as to which room to select...after all, I have a whole houseful of new spaces to design! (If you're new to Hi Sugarplum!, you can read about our recent and unexpected move here.) And at this point, only the Kitchen has been given any real attention (see the progress of that renovation here). 

I thought about the family room or one of the kid's rooms, but then I remembered that the very last space to be transformed in our previous home was the Master Bedroom (see it here). That seems wrong, doesn't it?! So this time, I decided to put Mr. SP, myself, and our marriage starting this new chapter in our lives with the Master Bedroom!

Hi Sugarplum | Master Bedrooom Before

These are true Before shots...since they were taken the day before we moved in last month! It's a large, glorious room with a tall tray ceiling and bay of windows overlooking the backyard and pool. I realize that sounds completely obnoxious, and trust me, I pinch myself every day for stumbling on this house! (Which hasn't been without drama, if you recall.)

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Look for Less

Well you guys made it pretty clear you love these Look for Less posts, and I'm more than happy to troll the internet looking for it's a win-win for us both! It's like a challenge to find lower-priced items that give the same impact as their higher-priced counterparts...and I love a good challenge! 

That doesn't mean that I always endorse the lower priced item, in fact, I own a few of the 'High' options in this post, but it's good to know your options. In some instances it's worth it to pay a little more...that's when I stalk and wait for a good sale! Remember, to be fair, I don't list sale prices.

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less
Cage Sandals:  High  /  Low  (both on sale now)
Straw Market Bag:  High  /  Low
Low Wedge Sandal:  High  /  Low

I grabbed the 'Lowest' version of this maxi dress last year, and it's crazy comfy.

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less
Maxi Dress:  High  /  Low  /  Lowest
Aztec Clutch:  High  /  Low  /  Lowest

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less
Stripe Dress:  High  /  Low (also a convertible dress)
Skater Dress:  High  /  Low

I also own the 'High' versions of both this blouse and maxi skirt...I haven't tried their lower-priced counterparts, so I can't compare...but I love the ones I have. It was worth it for me to go with the higher priced skirt because it comes in petite...I would have had to pay to hem the cheaper one, therefore making it not-so-cheap. 

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less
Popover Blouse:  High  /  Low
Side Slit Maxi Skirt:  High  /  Low

Hi Sugarplum | Look for Less
Wrap Swimsuit Top:  High  /  Low
Stud Earrings:  High (on sale)  /  Low

And my favorite Kendra Scott earrings and necklace are both on sale...they aren't a Look for Less per say, but I wanted to share since they are so rarely on sale. (Hello, perfect Mother's Day gift!) I'm pretty smitten with all the color options of this lightweight pom pom scarf, too. 

What's your favorite Look for Less this go-round? Have you spotted any good ones lately? Make sure you come back tomorrow...I've got a big announcement that's got me both giddy with excitement, and nauseous with anticipation!

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