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Friday, May 1, 2015

{Fashion Friday} A Big Time in Big D

Hello, Friday! I am so ready for some days off and down time. Oh wait, I've got the {One Room Challenge} to complete!!! I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous about finishing this weekend...especially since I'm still waiting on some deliveries! But either way, I've already got a pretty fabulous new room. So there's that.

Last weekend I was able to crash a blogger conference that happened to be in my own backyard. It's always fun to get together with other people that love blogging as much as I do...and this was a full weekend of it! Not to mention, many of the girls have become some of my closest friends over the years, so it was basically a big, stylish, girls weekend, full of geeky blog talk. And lots of wine.

I had a lot of fun creating outfits for all the events, and thought I'd share them with you. Many are perfect for the upcoming wedding and shower season, along with date nights and parties. (See past Packing Tips posts here.)

Hi Sugarplum | Packing for a Stylish Weekend

{Cocktail Party by the Pool | Evening}

Hi Sugarplum | Packing for a Stylish Weekend

Hi Sugarplum | Packing for a Stylish Weekend
I swapped the sandals for pink heels to dress it up a bit, before heading out with Megan.

{Ladies Lunch | Daytime}

Hi Sugarplum | Packing for a Stylish Weekend
Dress worn as a top (see the full dress here) | Skirt
Clutch (similar) | Pink Heels (similar)

{Meetings & Sessions | Daytime}

Blue Heels (similar) | Aztec Clutch (similar)

I posted that pic on InstaGram and asked for opinions on blue or pink...I went with blue! But mostly because I'd worn the pink heels the night before. ;) I've got a full outfit post planned on these more later.

Hi Sugarplum | Packing for a Stylish Weekend
Aztec Clutch (similar) | Watch | Stud Bracelet | Earrings

{Garden Party Happy Hour | Evening}

Hi Sugarplum | Packing for a Stylish Weekend
Exposed Zipper Full Skirt | Swing Tank (one of my fave tops, I have it in several colors!)
Necklace (similar) | Zebra Heels | Aztec Clutch (similar) | Floral Heels | Pink Clutch (similar)

Since I had the luxury of driving, I didn't need to follow my tips for packing light, and threw in extra outfit and shoe options. I was especially glad for the shoes so I could choose comfier ones when my feet gave out!

These pics were at the end of a late, rain-soaked night...but it didn't dampen my affinity for my new skirt. Have you ever shopped SheInside? This was my first time...and while it took almost three weeks for my order to arrive, I was pretty darn impressed considering the prices.

Hi Sugarplum | Pack for a Stylish Weekend

Hi Sugarplum | Pack for a Stylish Weekend
Aztec Clutch (similar) | Leopard Cuff

{Lunch on the Patio | Daytime} 

Hi Sugarplum | Packing for a Stylish Weekend

Clearly this dress is a favorite of mine,  you've seen me wear it here and matter the occasion, it never lets me down. The arm holes are a bit low on me (me=no boobs), so I wear a colorful bandeau, or a lacy bralette.

{Casual Dinner & Drinks | Evening}

Hi Sugarplum | Packing for a Stylish Weekend

{Finale Party | Evening}

Hi Sugarplum | Packing for a Stylish Weekend
White Clutch (similar)

The finale party was held on the Margaret Hill Hunt bridge on a gorgeous Texas night...Big D was really showing off for us! I'll show you more of this dress soon, too.

Carly, Ashley, Megan

{Coffee Date | Travel Day}

Hi Sugarplum | Packing for a Stylish Weekend
Chambray Popover Top | Pink Graphic Shorts (similar)

It was such a blast to get away with such creative, talented and fun ladies, and share a little bit of my city with them.

My hilarious roomies, Megan, Sheaffer, & Carly

Oh, and my very favorite cognac bag with the zippers (seen here) is finally back in stock! It's one of my most-asked about if you've been waiting, now's your chance!

** And one last thing...Somehow I ended up a **
I'm pretty much freaking the freak out. I'm not sure how it happened, but I'm beyond thrilled and flattered to be among those other beautiful women with amazing style. 

I'd love if you clicked over and voted for me! Like everyday. #kiddingnotkidding 
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Click here to vote...and happy weekend, lovebugs!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fiesta Time! A Cinco de Mayo Table

I am pretty laid back when it comes to most things. Sure, you know me to joke around and make light of situations, but there is one thing I'm very serious about.

Tacos. And cheese Dip. Okay, nachos, too. Basically all things Mexican food. I honestly think I have jalepeno juice in my veins. I'm not kidding...I'm being dead serious right now! I'm sure a lot of it is a Texas thang thing, but I don't mess around when it comes to God's gift to cuisine.

So it's no surprise that we jump on the Cinco de Mayo bandwagon every year, and have a good ole fiesta! #seewhatIdidthere

A few weeks ago, several members of Mr. SP's family were in town, so we hosted everyone for dinner. I was a little nervous about entertaining so many people, but the opportunity to be more hospitable is one of the reasons we moved to this I swallowed my nerves and called our favorite Mexican restaurant.

What?! You thought I was going to cook for everyone? Girl, please. Have we met? I know my limitations...and feeding masses is one of them. But I can set a I shopped the house, and made a quick stop at the Dollar Store and Target, and $20 later, we had a fiesta for ten.

Hi Sugarplum | Cinco de Mayo table

I started by dragging the breakfast table to the Dining Room, and visually adjoined the two with a runner of white craft/butcher paper. The chairs were an eclectic mix rounded up from around the house as well. The whole thing actually spilled in to the Foyer, but it made for a colorful greeting, and worth it to share a single table.

Hi Sugarplum | Cinco de Mayo table

Pinatas served as centerpieces, and odd chotchkies, votives, small jars of grocery store flowers, and baskets of chips decorated the rest of the table.

Hi Sugarplum | Cinco de Mayo table

Hi Sugarplum | Cinco de Mayo 

The plates and napkins were mixed, but all in the red and white family for cohesiveness. I tied the napkins with twine, and clipped a faux-flower barrette from the Dollar Store for a festive placesetting. Babygirl was in charge of the name cards.

Hi Sugarplum | Cinco de Mayo table

Hi Sugarplum | Cinco de Mayo table

Hi Sugarplum | Cinco de Mayo table

Hi Sugarplum | Cinco de Mayo table

I was giddy about putting the Butlers Pantry to use as the drink station.

Hi Sugarplum | Cinco de Mayo table

Hi Sugarplum | Cinco de Mayo 

Chances are our guests won't remember what they ate (or who cooked it!), but they will remember feeling celebrated and welcome in our home. And that's really all that matters, right!?

See more fun table creations here. And if you're celebrating Cinco de Mayo, check out my killer guacamole recipe, and you'll probably want to wear this top, or this one, while eating it. And get this tshirt for your man! Vayo con dias, lovebugs! ;)

{Source List}

Plates | Crate & Barrel
Woven Chargers | Ikea
Pinatas | Target
Napkins | Pottery Barn
Blue-Rimmed Glasses | Wisteria
Galvanized Drink Bucket | Pottery Barn
Tufted Chairs | Overstock

P.S. The Kentucky Derby is around the corner, as well...and I've had fun collaborating with NBC Sports on a number of things, including these Pinterest boards. Check them out if you're looking for inspiration for the event. Did you know the Derby is the only sport watched by more women than men? There's your nugget for the day.

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