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Friday, December 9, 2016

Sugarplum Style, Vol. 36

Cheers to Friday! I'm so excited for the weekend! We're surprising the kids with tickets to Christmas Pops at the Dallas Symphony tonight, and I can hardly wait to soak in all that holiday goodness! We went last year, and between the jaw-dropping music, sparkly lights, and getting dressed-up, we were bursting with Christmas spirit after. Every year our Advent activities get a little bigger, but we're making memories here, folks! ;) 

Today it's your monthly dose of Sugarplum Style...snapshots of my everyday outfits I post to InstaGram and Facebook, created by mixing-and-matching items in my closet. Thanks to cooler weather, there were a lot of cozy styles! (Be sure to check the bottom of the post for discount codes...most everything linked is on sale!)

Starting with this pajama set, which I think is now the most-liked image I've ever posted!? I mean, ya'll love some good loungewear! And I can't blame you, some weekends I don't change out of mine all day. And how cute would this set be for Christmas morning?! You know pics will be taken, so you might as well have a cute get-up to offset the bedhead!

Fit Tip: I'm all about comfort with pajamas, so I sized up one to a small in these. They do relax & stretch a bit with wear. Or maybe that's just because I wore them for days at a time. But they do bounce back after washing.

Oh long cardigans, where have you been all my life?! I just adore the relaxed style, and the full coverage is an added bonus. ;) 

Fit Tip: I sized down in the sweater so it wouldn't swallow my frame. We're not trying to bring the duster back.

To say this little black dress has saved me might be a tad dramatic, but I can't tell you the number of times I needed something a little dressy, a little festive, or a little sassy...and this number comes through every time. It's constantly going in-and-out of stock because of it's popularity, but it's currently back, and on sale! It looks great this time of year with a moto jacket, too.

Fit Tip: It's a roomie fit, and I wear an XS. 

Is there a better combo than stripes and plaid for this time of year? I love the dark charcoal of this scarf, and the gorgeous reds, yellows and greens that go with so much.

I wore my stretchiest jeans (aka, eating pants) to Thanksgiving, along with a long top to hide the damage. I had seconds on pie, and no one was the wiser. 

These boots are made for strutting! I can't help but have a bounce in my step when I wear these darling (and comfy!) wedge booties. 

Fit Tip: The sweater runs small, I'm wearing a US4, but the booties are true.

I styled this as part of my Day to Night post for pencil skirts, but wouldn't it be the perfect holiday party outfit? Especially for office parties. 

Here's the charcoal plaid scarf again...looking so pretty paired with dark green. Did you catch my How To Tie Blanket Scarves post earlier this week? That's the method I use for styling this scarf.

It turns out, ponchos are also excellent at hiding food-babies. Not to mention, darling outfit additions.

Don't mind me, just casually leaning on this flimsy wood fence, perched at the edge of a cliff! As long as I got the shot, right!? ;) I guess this classic combo gave me courage.

When life gets busy, I tend to find an outfit uniform, and stick with it. This month it was obviously the long cardi/scarf/boot uniform. Next month it's likely to be the long cardi/scarf/boot uniform. 

The problem with doing Dressing Room Diaries posts, is I fall for things I'd never have tried otherwise. Case in point: these lounge pants. It's never occurred to me to get lounge pants before. But I tried these on for y'all...and BAM, I've never needed lounge pants so badly in my life! Now I do everything in my power to not take these dang lounge pants off! I've even worn them under my yoga pants to run errands!!! And wearing them with this insanely-soft cardigan is like a dream. Seriously, the combo is enough for me to take to my bed for the rest of the year. 

Fit Tip: I sized up to a small in the pants, but wear an XS/S in the cardigan.

I'm laughing because Mr. SP isn't clever enough to wear rainboots to the beach, and his feet were soaked and freezing. Aren't I a sweet wife?!

I posted this oldie-but-goodie outfit during Black Friday weekend because I was literally head-to-toe on sale. Not to be mistaken with for sale. Do you own this peacoat yet? It's $37, and worth every penny. I'm kidding, it easily looks like a $200 coat in person. For real. I have it in three colors.

Fit Tip: Size up one or even two in the coat. I can wear a small or medium.

So what's the best thing about cold weather?! The opportunity to wear more layers!!

Simple, maybe. But never boring! This utility jacket has definitely gotten the most wear this I'd say my cost-per-wear is around a quarter at this point! #girlmath

When you layer all the neutrals, is it still considered neutral?! Yes I did wear black, brown and gray all together! And I loved it! Almost as much as I love this top...which I might have worn to bed, and then styled it to go out the next day. 

I wore this stripe and fair isle combo to host a Mix & Mingle at J.Crew Mercantile last weekend, and they sold out of the sweater that day! It really is that cute.

Fit Tip: I like to size up in wool sweaters so there's room for layering shirts under, so I'm wearing a Small.

A fresh new hairdo (more on that soon) plus Friday of course we went out. I love that this sweater dress doesn't fit too close, nor does it look like a potato sack. I'll add tights when the weather cools even more.

Fit Tip: Dress runs large, I'm wearing an XXS.

And finally, this was for Dressing Room Diaries, but it received such a big response I wanted to make sure ya'll saw it too. 

I hope these posts inspire you to create new combinations from your closet! The key isn't to have more clothes, but to mix up what you do have in new and different ways. Except these lounge pants and these booties, you need those. And if we're being honest, these leggings, too. #trustme #enabler

You can catch up with past installments of Sugarplum Style here, or follow my everyday-style outfits on InstaGram. Make sure you're following my Facebook page, too...that's where I post deals, steals, sales and goodies! Happy weekend, lovebugs!

P.S. You can shop my outfits anytime by clicking that 'Shop My Feed' widget in the sidebar. A box will pop up with thumbnail images of everything I'm wearing in that post...just click the pics & it will take you directly to that item! No sign-ups or logging-in necessary!

{Great Weekend Sales}
Nordstrom // Fall sales start now...including this roll-tab sleeve tunic & these popular booties.
Loft // 40% off EVERYTHING with code STYLEEVENT (I'd stock up on these)
GAP // 50% off everything, plus an extra 25% off with code EXTRA
Old Navy // Up to 60% off everything (I love these pajamas pants)
J.Crew // Up to 40% off total purchase with code PRESENTS
J.Crew Factory // 50% off everything (this sweater is my latest fave)
Anthropologie // 20% off tech & stationary
Pottery Barn // Up to 30% off furniture

Thursday, December 8, 2016

[YUM] Christmas Morning Coffee Cake

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The Christmas tree is decorated, the fire is going, carols are playing on repeat....and the Kitchen is bursting with the smells of all our favorite treats! If you've been following this blog for a bit, then you know I'm more of a 'preparer' than a 'cooker.' Basically, I'm always looking for shortcuts in the Kitchen!

Sweet treats are my favorite...remember these ridiculously-good yummies? And of course the Christmas Crack that made so many worship, and yet curse, me!? ;) (Seriously, it comes with a disclaimer!)

Another treat that's been in our family for years is a ridiculously delicious, and super simple to prepare, coffee cake! In fact, it's our Christmas morning tradition, and so yummy that the kids actually put down their gifts to gobble it up!

{What You Need}

1 box Yellow Cake Mix
3 oz. Vanilla Instant Pudding
1/2 c. Vegetable Oil
4 Eggs
1 c. Sour Cream
1 c. Chopped Pecans
3/4 c. Sugar
3 tbs. Cinnamon

{What You Do}

* Preheat oven to 350-degrees & spray a bundt pan with oil

* Mix cake mix, pudding mix, oil, eggs & sour cream in large bowl on low for 8 minutes. 
It will be the consistency of frosting, but don't panic. Or eat it all.

* In a small bowl, stir together remaining ingredients

* Pour half the batter in the pan (it's really more of a dollop since the batter is so thick)
& sprinkle half the sugar mixture on top.
Draw a knife through the layers to create marbled effect.

* Pour remaining batter, then sugar mixture, and marble again.

* Bake 45 minutes - 1 hour, then cool in pan for 10 minutes before flipping on serving platter
(I accidentally set my oven to confection & overcooked this one)

* Stand back & bask in the love of your adoring family

Git in mah belly, you sweet thang!

Not only is it simple, but you can assemble it the day before, and just pop it in the oven Christmas morning. Your house will smell like heaven, and you won't miss any of the morning fun slaving away in the Kitchen! Does your family insist on being fed Christmas morning, too? What are you serving? Find more easy treats here.

*I emailed my mom this recipe in 2001, and have no idea where I found it. If you know the source, please let me know!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sugarplum Style Tip | How-To Tie a Blanket Scarf

Thanks so much for all the love on our Christmas tree (and cozy pajamas!) yesterday! I'm thrilled you like how the holiday decor fit with the new Dining Room, and I'm excited to share more of the house with you in the coming weeks.

Today's post is answering one of my most-asked did you tie your scarf?!

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