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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sugarplum Style Tip | How-To Tie a Blanket Scarf

Thanks so much for all the love on our Christmas tree (and cozy pajamas!) yesterday! I'm thrilled you like how the holiday decor fit with the new Dining Room, and I'm excited to share more of the house with you in the coming weeks.

Today's post is answering one of my most-asked did you tie your scarf?!

It seems easy enough, right?! After all, Pinterest and Instagram is full of people prancing around in darling scarves.

Yet somehow, when we try to wear one, we end up looking like we're being attacked by said darling scarf! #fail

Granted some scarves are too big, and do overwhelm the person prancing about (in my very opinionated opinion). But many just need a little finessing, so here's a step-by-step guide to hopefully help!

ONE // Start with a square scarf (most blanket scarves are square...some are rectangular, but I avoid most of those because they create too much bulk around your neck, unless you wear them draped, or as a shawl).

TWO // Fold scarf diagonally to create a triangle. (I don't have the wingspan to show the whole scarf, but trust me, it's a triangle.)

THREE // This step is easier to show than explain, but I bunch or roll the scarf until I'm holding either side of the point. This cuts down on the excess material, and therefore, bulk.

FOUR // Drape the ends over your shoulders, but don't pull back so tight that the scarf covers your face. We aren't trying to be bandits.

FIVE // Cross the ends behind your head, and pull to the front. Note the distance between the scarf and my face. #thisisnotastickup

You can leave the ends loose like this, or go on to the next step.

SIX // Loop the ends in front, and pull just tight enough so the flap of the scarf covers it.

And voila! Sometimes you have to zhush it a bit more by pulling the scarf away from your face, or pressing the folds down so they don't block your vision. If you get too flustered, take it off and start again. You know how sometimes it takes a second or third attempt to get a good ponytail?! Scarves are kind of like that.

Speaking of ponytails, I usually wear my hair back with a blanket scarf (just to cut down on the amount of stuff bunching around my neck), but I forgot a hair tie. #badblogger

We're not looking for perfection though, blanket scarves look best when they're a little messy and relaxed.

Infinity scarves are an easy way to get the look if you're not on-board the blanket scarf train. I just loop it around my head twice, then finagle the material until it lies mostly flat.

Here's a handy-dandy graphic I whipped up, because it's what bloggers do.

So was this tutorial helpful? Are you a certified scarf whisperer now?! #thatsarealthing Did you also notice how simply changing the scarf mixed up the entire outfit?! Just like the Power of Three, I could do a whole series on the Power of Scarves! #challengeaccepted Plus, they make excellent gifts for girlfriends, moms, sisters, teachers, and dogs.

And let's not forget gifting ourselves. (Because who's going to put something in your stocking if you don't?! #amIright) ;) Santa is bringing me this one. And maybe this one, since it's half-off! Don't overlook the Men's department too, after all, scarves are mostly gender-neutral and one-size-fits-all!

{Favorite Scarves to Get & Give}

{Shop My Outfit}

Photos by the crazy-talented & always-darling, Mary Summers.

*This post is created in collaboration with Nordstrom, but all clothes, ideas, and scarf-whispering are my own. #stillarealthing Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors!*

Monday, December 5, 2016

Oh Christmas Tree!

Hi friends...and welcome to those of you coming over from the lovely Julie Blanner's blog, as part of The White Buffalo Styling Co's annual Christmas Home Tour! How was your first weekend of the holiday season? We packed ours with quite a bit of festive...starting with our town's Dickens on the Square, the Mix & Mingle Event I hosted at J.Crew Mercantile (thank you, thank you to those of you who came out!!), our son's Winter orchestra concert, and finally, a holiday art walk featuring local artists and musicians! I need a weekend from our weekend!

But while it may have been jam-packed, it did the job of whipping us into a Christmas frenzy, and we're all super excited for the season ahead. Not that we weren't already, considering our tree has been up for almost two weeks already! #gasp #thehorror

It's the first time we've ever put it up before Thanksgiving, but it just felt right this year for some reason. And I'm so glad we did...starting early has slowed the pace of Christmas, and (so far) there's been less madness. Plus, who doesn't want an extra week of evenings staring at a lit Christmas tree?!

With this being only our second Christmas in this house (see last year's Home Tour here), we had every intention of trying the tree in a new spot this year, but the draw of the new Dining Room was too strong. Plus, I was dying to see how Christmas decor would fit with the new space! #challengeaccepted

Friday, December 2, 2016

Dressing Room Diaries | Holiday Edition

The only thing better than Friday, is a Friday during holiday season! I love starting and ending each day in the glow of the Christmas tree. Little Miss loves it so much, she's already decided she's keeping her lights up year-round! #wellseeaboutthat

We've taken our time decorating this year, and it's been so much more enjoyable than plowing through it all in a day. I can't wait to start sharing our home all decked out for the season with you next week! (See last year's Christmas Home Tour here and a sneak-peek of it here.)

Today is Part 2 of the monster-sized Dressing Room Diaries featuring my darling Mama Sugarplum. We found so many cute things on our last trip to the mall, that I had to split the post. Mom and I wear the same size, but it's still fun to see how she translates the outfits for her age and petite frame.

If you're new around here, Dressing Room Diaries is where I hunt down some of the cutest new arrivals from my favorite retailers, and review them for you. The shots aren't good, the lighting is bad (especially now with the time change!), my hair is usually past it's expiration, and many of the items aren't a good fit for me...but it's real life, real girl, real clothes...and hopefully helpful for you to see them this way, instead of perfectly styled on a model.

Fit Note: I'm 5'4"-ish, 120 pounds-ish, with a slight pear shape. My usual size is an XS/0. Mama Sugarplum is 5'1", with an hourglass figure. Her usual size is S/2.

We were being silly with the hats, but then realized we actually liked them! How does my mom look so cute in a fur flapper hat?! I loved the stripes of my wrap-style poncho, but her kimono was extra-soft and has actual armholes (so you don't walk around with T-Rex arms all day). ;)

Fit Tip: Everything here is one-size.

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