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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

White Jeans | Plaid & Puffer Vest

Today we're continuing the {5 Ways} series around white jeans after Labor Day, and this outfit is packing a bright punch! (See Day 1 with stripes and a military jacket here, and Day 2 with white on white here). This combo is speaking my preppy love language, but the leopard and booties keep it from being too sweet.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

White Jeans | White on White

I'm thrilled you guys are excited about the white jeans after Labor Day series this week, because it may be my favorite {5 Ways) to date! If you missed Day 1, check out my go-to Fall uniform here. Today, we're layering shades of white for a chic tone-on-tone pairing, styled two ways.

Monday, September 26, 2016

White Jeans | Military Jacket & Stripes

Monday came around way to quickly over here...but then again, when doesn't it?! We had a fun weekend celebrating the birth of Mr. SP...he's dangerously close to a big birthday! And I do mean BIG. It's crazy to think I've loved the man more than half my life. That's a lot of birthdays together!

Today I'm excited to kick off a new {5 Ways} series with you! As soon as the calendar read September, I started getting a lot of questions about Fall style, and specifically, my thoughts on wearing white jeans after Labor Day.

Well, not only am I on board with it, but I highly encourage it! I've actually written a few posts on the topic (see them here and here), but since the 'No White After Labor Day' myth still seems to be in question, I thought I'd revisit the subject, and hopefully, sway any of you doubters. 

No question white jeans are a Summer wardrobe staple, but they're actually the perfect base for crisp outfits all year long! Every day this week I'll style a new outfit around my favorite white jeans, and I'm kicking it off with my go-to Fall uniform...striped tee, plaid scarf, and military jacket.

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