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Friday, March 27, 2015

{Fashion Friday} The Power of One

Fri-Yay, indeed! We've got a weekend of sunshine ahead...along with our daughter's birthday party! I can't believe my little 'babygirl' is turning nine. #gulp Her birthday completely kind of snuck up on me, so the party will be more low-key than year's past, but I'll still be making her wish me luck!

The new Spring styles are coming out hot and fast, and I've 'added to cart' more than a few times, so I'll be sure to share the good stuff once it arrives. The start of a new season can be overwhelming...both in options, and to your wallet. The desire to scoop up all the fun new styles is tempting, but our house and travel budgets come first, so I have to be very selective.

But you don't need a whole new wardrobe to get a fresh new fact, often times a single accessory can change the entire outfit. The right piece can take an outfit from basic to BAM! Here are some outfits created using wardrobe basics, but made fab with just a single accessory.

I'm no stranger to a striped bag, and you've seen how many times it's elevated my outfit.

hi sugarplum | striped bag + chambray

Jeans and a white tee are classic casual. But add a statement necklace, and you're just as comfy, but now you're turning heads. By the way, I had Mr. SP do a butt-check on these jeans (you know, 'honey, do these jeans make my butt look good?'), and he gave them two thumbs up. Along with a lewd gesture we won't mention...but basically, they're good. Real good.

hi sugarplum | ethnic chic

Bring color and pattern to your neutral outfit with a single scarf. I like scarves with lots of colors, because they give me more mix-and-match options. For instance, swap the white tank for a mint one, skip the jacket, and you've got a totally new outfit!

hi sugarplum | maxi skirt

Who doesn't have a black top, and white or black pants? Throw on these colorful little earrings (currently on big sale!!), and your outfit makes a big impact.

hi sugarplum | black and white

These shorts aren't an accessory, but it's an example of how adding just one item of pattern can elevate a basic outfit.

hi sugarplum | patterned shorts

Of course, I'd combine several of these elements for my own outfit. But I'm greedy like that.

hi sugarplum | patterned shorts

I'm not saying basic is boring....every wardrobe needs good basic pieces like the ones I've shown...but you can get a lot more mileage out of them by mixing in fun accessories. Not to mention, save money by just adding a few inexpensive pieces every season.

Which of these outfits are you most drawn to? What's your favorite accessory for upping your outfit game? Happy weekend, lovebugs!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sugarplum Style, Vol. 11

Thanks for the love on our Family Room yesterday. That was the last room reveal of our former home, so it felt a little like saying goodbye for the final time. I have a few projects I shot there still to show you, but for the most part, we're closing the door on that house.

Notice I didn't say home...this new house is our home now. Even though it's in total disarray, it definitely feels like ours. And I haven't accidentally driven to the old house in over a week, so that's a good sign, too, right?!

The decor may be slow to come around here, but I didn't waste any time pulling my closet together. The weather was all over the place this past month, so I was grateful to have all my clothes unpacked. I've added a few new pieces to my wardrobe for Spring (more on that Friday!), including this field jacket...and as you'll see...I love it. A lot. (Remember I featured it on a Look-for-Less?)

Several people thought this skirt was shorts...which actually, would be really cute! I love floral skirts that work for all seasons.

And then there was snow. Real, legit, snow! I thought I loved wearing my rain boots in the rain, but wearing them in the snow was a whole other level of adoration. These boots were featured in a Look-for-Less, too...and you should know, all colors and sizes are restocked...and on sale! And trust me when I say, you will love having rain boots, and will wear them waaaay more than you ever imagined possible. Just look through my Sugarplum Style posts for evidence! 

When the kitten cardi met the field jacket, it was love at first sight. I'll layer just about anything.

From snow to blooming tulips, thank goodness my closet was unpacked!

Patterned Blouse | Leopard Belt (similar) | Distressed Jeans | Booties (similar)

As much as I love boots, I'm ready for open-toe season! My pedicure is another story. I literally painted my toes while wearing these you ever do that? Get ready to leave, look down in horror, then paint only the toes that show? #pleasesayyes

Pink Top (similar) | Striped Scarf (similar) | White Jeans (similar)
Wedge Sandals (similar) | Watch | Snake Bag

I've worn these wedges for the past few years, and always get asked about them. My exact ones sold out, but the same brand brought back a very similar pair this year...but in more color options!

Jean Jacket | Striped Top | White Jeans (similar) | Wedge Sandals (similar)
Fringe Bag | Floral Scarf (similar)

I hope you like the field jacket, because you'll be seeing a lot of it.

Field Jacket | Crewneck Sweater (similar) | Striped Top | Pendant

I hope these posts inspire you to create new combinations from your closet! The key isn't to have more clothes, but to mix up what you do have in new and different ways. 

You can catch up with past installments of Sugarplum Style here, or follow my everyday-style outfits on InstaGram. Make sure you're following my Facebook page, too...that's where I post deals, steals, sales and goodies! Happy hump day, lovebugs!

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